Based on the book Feel the fear and do it anyway by best-selling author Susan Jeffers and with Susan's permission, Philippa Linane Licensed Feel the fear trainer brings you workshops to inspire and empower you to you overcome fear, anxiety and indecision, handle situations confidently and take the steps to live the life YOU want to be living.

Come and work on yourself and focussing on what it is you want to achieve. By changing our thoughts we change our world. Whether it is in our personal or business life we all feel fearful at times and for many of us this can keep us stuck and indecisive. Recognising this and learning how to handle our fears is key to overcoming them and moving forward more easily.

Whatever you fear or are anxious about this workshop can help you to: 67[1]

  • Understand the concept of fear & how to handle it
  • Raise level of self-esteem & let go of negative programming
  • How to change reactions to situations
  • Create more love, trust and satisfaction in your life
  • Create a balanced, more enjoyable life
  • Make dreams become reality through making decisions
  • Eliminate negativity & create positivity around you
  • See yourself as having purpose and meaning


    Saturday 30th July 2016

    9,30am to 2pm

    Women & Health, 4 Carol Street, Camden, London, NW1 0HU

    INVESTMENT £80 includes a FREE copy of the workshop manual and copy of the book.

    BRING A FRIEND and you pay £65 each

    TO BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW email info@decision-happy.co.uk or call Philippa directly on 07986421644

    If you are unable to attend this workshop and have a group interested where I can bring the workshop to you, or prefer one to one coaching please do get in touch.

    This workshop is also a great way to motivate your team in the workplace. If you are interested please do get in touch to discuss a way for this to work.

If you have any questions please contact me or call me on 07986 421 644 or email me at info@decision-happy.co.uk.