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Are You Being Your True You?

Life can be hard, why make it any harder? I used to walk around with the weight of the world on my shoulders or so it felt. I was always anxious and worrying about things. I used to dread big organised events and nights out, I used to avoid them or literally cry in advance. I felt something wasn’t right, however, I didn’t know what it was, was I just shy or anxious or was it that it just really wasn’t for me. 
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Public speaking? Tips for feeling the fear and speaking up

My top tips for feeling the fear and speaking up:

Having had a huge fear of public speaking for many years and having overcome it, here are some of the things I wish people had shared with me that I hope will help you to overcome your fear of speaking up and actually go on to enjoy it…

Have your outcome in mind - have what you want to deliver in mind, how you want it to come across and the end result. <

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