What Philippa’s clients have to say…

“A small, manageable, approachable group. A really good mix of ages/backgrounds which worked together brilliantly. Fascinating how a totally random set of people could connect so effectively. Also really liked the venue – very easy to find and a great ambience. I am going to take away “I can handle it!””

Mary Lacey

“Really well organised. I know now that I am not alone in having fear and I felt comforted by the other’s response in the group. The timeline exercise was great. The fact it made me emotional  shows how much I needed this. Thank you!”

Emily O’Hare

“I would describe it as an empowerment workshop that helps you change your life by giving you the correct tools. I am going to take away that the language we use on ourselves effects our whole lives and to use different, kinder language. Philippa was very empathetic and encouraging, I felt very positive at the end.”

Workshop attendee, name not supplied

“If you want some positive thinking tips and some constructive guidance for action, choose this course.”

Georgette H

“I think and believe this workshop would be very beneficial for young people at school, especially high school. The workshop was peaceful with good interaction with tutor and the group, I loved it. Many thanks for providing this special workshop.”

Nahid Aghil

“A great workshop in which we were each able to share experiences and work towards solutions. Philippa is so open about her own experiences and challenges and great to hear how Feel the fear has changed her life. I certainly I have taken away lots of really positive tools. I would recommend it, look at your life and learn tools to change limiting self-beliefs, realise your goals and ambitions.”

Sally Stephens

“Philippa’s ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ workshop was a great addition to our staff Health and Wellbeing timetable. The workshop gave us valuable insight into how to handle a range of situations more confidently. In my role, I frequently have to make big decisions on behalf of others. As a result of the workshop I personally feel more empowered to be able to do so with a greater level of confidence. After all if you don’t take that leap, you’ll never know what could have been!”
Megan Harvey, Employee Engagement Manager, Peterborough County Council

Since attending your Feel the fear workshop, I’ve quit the job that was making me really unhappy, travelled and am now working on setting up an online business. The Timeline exercise you took me through made a real difference to my mindset and I used the circle of the coloured stars to get me through some times when I was really scared. I feel like I really understand that you’ve got to “feel the fear and do it anyway” now.

Claudia R

I invited Philippa to the University of Westminster to help with a Women in Leadership Campaign and she hosted one of her Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway workshops. The students that attended found it to be really interesting and responded really well. I know that a few of them had taken away what Philippa had said and began to apply it to their day. The campaign is predominantly about empowering students to be confident in themselves and their abilities and strive to be more than they thought they could be. Philippa proved to be instrumental in helping the students to understand how to begin doing this. I would recommend her as she was really engaging with the audience and was very versatile in her delivery. Double thumbs up from me!

Rianne Gordon

Vice-President of Harrow
University of Westminster Students’ Union

“Everyone could benefit greatly from doing it”

“It’s given me the courage to ‘just do it’”

“I am taking my small steps straight away”

“A very valuable day”

“prioritising where I want to go, removing anxiety and frustration”

“Philippa was terrific, very encouraging and empathic”

“Make me happier, confident to make actions”

“Fundamentally a must for everyone!”

“It has recharged my batteries and renewed my purpose”

“More commitment, more care and attention, less inward focus”

“Useful tools to deal with difficulties I face”

“Very useful course”

“Lots of techniques to stop / distance the inner chatterbox.”

“Determination to let go of my worries/fears and to move towards my goals.”

“Confidence, self belief, not to be afraid!”

“Positiveness.” “Great manual for future reference.”

“Friendliness of group and facilitator.” “That I can handle anything!”

“To change and believe in myself, believe I deserve it.”

“A sense of wellbeing and a positive and uplifting sense of self belief.”

“A feeling that anything I set my mind to can be achieved, I hold the power, I can break through limiting beliefs, its exciting!”

“Opportunity to reflect” “Facing the fear!!”

“Meeting new people, swapping life experiences, exercises on empowering yourself, the feeling at the end of positivity and possibility.”

“Encouragement to try new things and find out what I want in my life going forward and to give time to let things evolve.”

Thank you for the workshop on Saturday. It has definitely helped me – although as you said, now it’s down to me to enact the changes I want. I’ve just read through my notes from the workshop and there are a few little nuggets of advice that really stand out, along with techniques which make all the the tasks and decisions ahead of me feel a little bit more manageable.

And thank you for sharing your story with us – it really helped to see a real(!) example of someone who has used these techniques to turn their life around.

Julia, attendee

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support Philippa regarding my presentation debut. I did it!! I couldn’t believe it though as I felt surprisingly calm and relaxed when it came to it – especially, considering, just the thought of it would feel me with dread and make me feel anxious a few weeks ago. I can honestly say, that was probably one of the biggest accomplishment’s of my life! I felt fantastic afterwards. A couple of people even came up to me to compliment me on how well I did – apparently “I’m a natural” which did make me smile….if only they knew what I went through to get there ; ) Without your support and coaching me through it , I would never have been able to do it – especially with such confidence and ease. Thank you most sincerely Philippa for helping me conquer my biggest fear.

Emma, Hertfordshire

A close friend put me in touch with Philippa at a time where I felt I had some things that needed sorting through. Having always been slightly sceptical about life coaching I tried to go into my first session with a relatively open mind. The first session was the hardest but each one following that became easier, mainly as Philippa had such a methodical and logical approach and was very easy to talk to. I found it realy helped to tidy things up in my head and to recognise why I did / said certain things. I also felt that these sessions equipped me better to tackle problems on my own in the future. All in all an extremely valuable service which left me feeling like a different person.

Julia Brock, Manchester

I really appreciated Philippa’s style of coaching, her approach is to be so tuned in to what is being said, and help you along with encouragement and support. Her listening skills are brilliant and her questioning technique often enabled me to find my own answers. She has truly changed my life and is and exceptional coach!

Sandra E Groves, Macclesfield

“Philippa came into Someries Junior School to give a presentation on Wellbeing/Loving Ourselves February 2012. Philippa is a naturally engaging person, so her personality and delivery was more than brilliant to keep our year 3 and 4 interested and focussed and wanting more. Philippa’s presentation was adapted for the younger children with colourful animated slide show which effortlessly delivered the message of being kind to yourself through mental wellbeing and diet.”

Karen Cox, Pastoral Support Leader, Someries Junior School, Luton

“Philippa ran a brilliant session on ‘Health & Wellbeing’ for 35 students aged 14-15 years on our Young Entrepreneurs Programme in Croydon last summer. The students were fully engaged throughout, they asked lots of questions and their feedback at the end of the programme confirmed they had learned a lot and appreciated the advice given. I would definitely recommend Philippa’s work with young people.”

Steve Alcock, Chairman – Network for Teaching Young Entrepreneurs

Philippa is a highly accomplished life coach who has helped me reach several different goals. She has also given me the skills to cope with difficult situations moving forward – there are several suggestions/exercises that Philippa suggested, that I still practice. And as a warm, friendly, caring person, I can guarantee you’ll get on well with her too.”

Olivia McLearon, Freelance Write/Sub-Editor

I didn’t know how or whether life coaching would work, however, I found it extremely useful to talk to someone who wasn’t too close, and who didn’t preach. Philippa approached our sessions with thought, empathy and logic, and helped me understand what I needed to do to achieve my goals. I am now three months in, with my first event “Sneaky Experience” planned for June 2011. Philippa’s Coaching has helped me change my life.

Julia Benfield, Leeds

Philippa is a brilliant coach. She has integrity and is easy to talk to. She has helped me realise that I just need to take little steps and before I know it I’m well on my way to my new destination. She listens to what you want to achieve, questions you in a positive and constructive manner and comes up with a range of practical ideas and avenues that you can try out to help you reach your goals and move forward. If you put the work in, you’ll get so much out.

Chioma Nwuatobi-Wallace, London

“The session on facing fear enabled us as a group to better manage the negative aspects of some issues we were having and helped us to manage communication better. The session on Mindfulness was useful to think through the many hats we all wear and the impact we have on others. It has resulted in us posting affirmations around the office and to consider an achievement record.”

Ian Pirks, Greenhouse Mentoring. Luton

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