Encouraging Confidence Workshop

Encouraging Confidence is a workshop designed to encourage individuals to look at our behaviour and how we approach things both personally and professionally. It challenges us to look and think about things from different perspectives and find new approaches enabling better outcomes. Through a mixture of conversations and activities you will learn tools and techniques to take away and put into practise which will improve your confidence and self belief, enabling you to go on and live a more fulfilling life both personally and professionally, be more confident in your decision making, trusting yourself, taking responsibility for your actions. All of which can lead to a happier and more thoughtful and together team, which in the long run promotes staff welfare and staff retention.

Don’t just take my word for it, see what the participants and managers of those who have attended have to say:

“What else can you do? My staff came back buzzing from this workshop!”
“The whole team are happier and more confident and I have noticed a considerable difference in a couple of members of staff in particular”
“It has made me think more positively about myself, more confident”
“Really enjoyed it, learnt a lot, feel more confident”
“I am going to do things for myself”
“I am not afraid to come forward with ideas now”
“I am going to try not to second guess myself all the time”
“Really enjoyed and learnt a lot, feel more confident”
“It is a great way to empower yourself”
“Helps you look at how to handle things”
“It is useful to encourage you to do the things you want to do”
“Informative and different”
“Less fear, making decisions for myself”
“Teaches you to trust your gut instinct”
“It has made me realise how my mood can affect the team”

This workshop is fun, thought provoking and interactive and really shows your staff you care about their own wellbeing which in return will bring you a happier more productive team.

This workshop has proved to be particularly useful in the Nursery / Early Learning Sector where the team is relatively young and recently out of school, college or university and are still adjusting to the workplace environment.

Philippa will come and visit you or depending on your location will have a telephone meeting with you to establish your team’s requirements followed by running a half day or one day workshop.

To find out more please get in touch via the contact form, emailing info@decision-happy.co.uk or calling 07986421644.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes