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Feel the Fear and do it anyway workshops

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Workshops

Take control and live your best life, your way

I am a licensed Feel the Fear trainer. I run workshops giving you the tools and techniques to empower you to handle fear, anxiety and indecision, gain confidence and move towards the life you want to be living.

By changing our thoughts we can change our world. 

I work with people who want to learn how to:

  • Turn indecision into action
  • Communicate and handle situations more effectively 
  • Create and live your life the way you want to live it
  • Handle their fears and grow in confidence

Come and explore the possibilities

Whether it is in our personal or business life we all feel fearful at times.  Fear can keep us stuck and make us indecisive. Recognising the role fear plays and learning how to handle it, is key to overcoming  it and moving forward more easily. 

If you feel stuck in a rut or you have a dream you want to achieve, or something you need to do but are afraid to go for it. Come and explore the possibilities. 

What to expect:

Workshops are in an informal and comfortable setting. We discuss and practise the tools and techniques in the book so that you can apply them in your everyday life. This helps you to feel more empowered and confident as you go about your day and the decisions you make in day to day life. Look at it as time out investing in yourself to be your best self going forward.


This workshop can help you to:

  • Understand the concept of fear and how to handle it
  • Raise self-esteem and let go of negative programming
  • Change your reactions to situations
  • Create more love, trust and satisfaction in your life
  • Create a balanced, more enjoyable life
  • Make dreams become a reality through making decisions and taking action
  • Eliminate negativity and create positivity around you
  • See yourself as having purpose and meaning
  • Realise you are not alone
  • Understand that taking small steps makes everything possible
  • Realise that staying stuck is more scary than pushing through your fears
  • Realise how powerful and important and worth it you are
  • Practise the tools and techniques that you can take away and implement in everyday life to keep you empowered to move forward in the life you want

For details on workshops email Alternatively, if you want to work one to one or you have a group or team who would like a workshop delivered for them please get in touch.

These workshops are delivered for:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate organisations
  • Education i.e. Secondary Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Charitable organisations
  • Mental health
  • Study groups and Seminars
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Local Authorities

Increasingly companies are subsidising their employees as part of their employee wellbeing offering. Ask your employer today if this is something they will support you with or ask them to get in touch. 

To find out how you can attend or arrange for me to run a workshop for you email or complete the online form.

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