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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is the process of working with a coach to explore where you are and where you want to be and helping you to get there. 

During the process we will explore:

  • What it is you want,
  • where you are in relation to achieving it,
  • what achieving it will mean for you and if it is still what you want the path to achieving it.

How does Life Coaching Work?

Working with a coach and sharing your goals, makes you more accountable and more likely to achieve them.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is an approach which looks at the way we think and process our thoughts (Neuro). The language patterns we use (Linguistic) and our behaviours (Programming). Looking at how they interact to have a positive (or negative) effect on us as individuals. NLP can be the catalyst for change. 

How do NLP and Life Coaching work combined?

NLP and Life Coaching combined explores your goals and thoughts and behaviours to get you in the mindset of not only wanting to achieve your goals but working towards your goals. By thinking differently and achieving them. 

Who has NLP Life Coaching?

NLP Life Coaching is for anyone who wants to instigate and effect change in their life.